Life is a journey. When we talk about journey, it is something like 'walking or travelling' to a new place, to a new situation, to a new surrounding, meeting new people with different characters and all. So, in our life, we actually will face many things whether good or bad and that is what LIFE is about. We will face good memories and bad as well. So in life, it is possible impossible for someone to live happily, with good memories forever and ever. Everyone will face the sweetness and also the pain of the life. What we have to do is keep moving on and be strong no  matter how hard it is. 

That is what I'm doing right now. I've faced too many bad things, I've cried a lot, feel the pain until sometimes I feel like I'm gonna give up. But actually, our life is too precious and giving up is a stupid thing to do. 

So every time you feel like you're too weak and want to give up, remember that your journey aren't finish yet. Keep moving on, wake up and be strong. 

Yin xoxo

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