19.10.2016 [Wed]

I rarely update my blog since i left my high school. Plus, i deleted all the old post from my blog just because I want to start fresh and new.

I'm going to be 20 soon. and what i really wish from my birthday is good health, no more bad days or unlucky me, no more rejection from the people that I love, no more sad things that always be on my surrounding, no more NEGATIVITY. just no more okay.

I know it's quite impossible to be that way, because this life is always turn upside down like the roller coaster. Nothing can be constantly upwards and nothing can be downwards all the time.

But I believe, that someday, all the pain that i managed to get through this whole year will be paid with something sweet and meaningful. This is how i accept my life, or more accurate is my bad luck.

I try so hard to change myself, to be better, to be more positive and yes, to be more busy so that I won't fall down again. I don't want to cry anymore. This heart already tired and what I need right now is happiness. Only happiness.

Rejection is painful, but It taught me to be strong.
Heartbreaks is too common in my life until I doesn't feel anything about it anymore.
But I'll be sad if that person are humiliating me in front of other people or HIS FRIENDS ofc.
Someday people will know the truth.


it's not fair looking you so happy and enjoying your 24 hours there at London, while I'm the one who always sad here.

It's not fair and I'm going to change it soon.
I'll make you regret all these things.

For sure you will.

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