It had been months since you went far away from me.
It had been months since you changed to a different person, the one that I never knew.

You and I were apart by distance, by different time zone, and sometimes every single day, this makes me feel sick.
I cried everyday (Not everyday actually, but still I can count the days that I didn't cry). The fact that I miss you every single second tears my heart into small pieces, because I know that I'm the only one who feel like this. I know that you already moved on, adapting your life to the new environment there. You looks so happy, and comfortable. I am happy for you, ofc. Watching you enjoying your life to the fullest makes me feel happy too, but I feel very lonely, I can't lie to myself, that I am so sad.

It's like a nightmare for me, because I never thought that this would happen... You feelings are faded day by day, and I'm still here waiting for miracle to happen and brings you back to me. The chances are like 30% positive and 70% negative but as long as the probability is there, can I just wait for you? Can I?

I know that this is stupid, but hey, you know how loyal I am :(

I miss you. so bad.


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