0318 hrs

If you don't love me please don't hurt my feelings anymore.
If you don't love me please don't lie to me anymore.
If you want to walk away, please make it smooth and no pain.
If you hate me, you can tell me directly.
If you angry with me, please tell me why.
If you want me to go away, please tell me.
Stop scolding me everyday. Stop being so cold. Stop. Please stop. I cried a lot. I cried everyday. I cried before I go to sleep. I am in pain. I am not happy. Please, stop hurting me.

I treat you nicely, but why did you treat me like this?
It's you who choose me at the first place.
It's you who begged to me to accept you.
It's you who chased me first, wanting me to be your lover.

But it's you who walk away first.
It's you who cheated on me.
It's you who leave me when I need you the most.
You put scars on my heart and you make the wound open again, it's bleeding again :(

It's bleeding again and I am badly injured.
All I want is to be healed.
I want to be happy.
That's all


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